The Center for Movement Arts


(formerly MADLENIUM)
Was founded in September 1999 in Belgrade
as an independent and non-profit arts organization,
whose main goal is creativity, support and education of youth
in the area of contemporary dance.


Svetlana Djurovic
Choreographer and Art director
Ranko Lasica
Technical director

From the very beginning...

From the very onset, the Center offered the development of a variety of skills which today mainly exist in dance, providing its students with a wide range of choices and creating a solid basis for further individual training and upgrading. Within the Center, there are the following workshops: Contemporary dance, Classical ballet and Yoga. We are particularly committed to working with young people who have high aspirations towards contemporary dance, and expect to be recognized and supported in their creative work.

As a result of this concept, at the very beginning of our work we formed a dance company, the PERPETUUM DANCE COMPANY, to present our educational and creative work in the best way, on the most eminent international and local scenes.

Aside from the aforementioned activities, the Center is also engaged with a range of activities which are based on cooperation with the dance community in our country and also worldwide.

The Professional Program of the Dance Company

The dance troupe was founded in 2000 by the members of the Center for Movement Arts PERPETUUM. This troupe has from the very start attracted the attention of the public with its unique energy and expressiveness. The PERPETUUM DANCE COMPANY is the recipient of many awards and recognizitions and is a frequent guest on local and international scenes.

"I have been following the work of PERPETUUM and choreographer Svetlana Djurovic with great satisfaction from the very start of their work. In just a few years of persistent and hard work, they have reached the world level of artistic endeavor. It is without any doubt that they are the standard which should be representing Serbia in the world and produce accolades for our dance culture. And finally, they have for many years been affirming their worth by numerous awards on our ballet scenes, at the Festivals of Choreographic Miniatures with an exceptionally solid and demanding competition program of an international character. Though unaware that their performance was being followed by an expert from the US, they won him over with their choreography and performing skills and were invited to be guests in the Kennedy Center. The fact that they have performed in this prestigious cultural center is the greatest of recommendations – many excellent American artist can only dream to be invited."

Milica Jovanovic, ballet historian and critic, 2005.


A restored performance on the occasion of the 15th anniversary
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2014.
No concept
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2013.
ZEN – not a word, no silence
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2012.
Somnabulia 2
Research project of a dance character
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2012.
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2011.
Somnabulia 1
Work in progress
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2010.
Animal farm
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2009.
I am my own collection
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2008.

Long lasting game
Terazije Theatre, Belgrade, 2007.
Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, 2006.
BDP, Belgrade, 2005.
Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, 2004.
Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, 2002.
UK VUK, Belgrade, 2010.
Co-production with ERG-status dance company
BELEF, Belgrade, 2001.
Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, 2000.

Educational program


The participants of the educational program are classified into groups for Contemporary dance and Classical ballet. The groups are not always strictly classified according to age but according to abilities, so alterations and overlapping is possible. Every group has a specific plan and work program, and all the instructors shape these programs with their creative ideas. Performances are organized once a year at one of the Belgrade dance scenes, as well as public classes, competitions and other manifestations. The Center for Movement Arts PERPETUUM does not organize auditions for new members, believing that natural selection prevails. All creative thinkers are welcome!

You can find more information about our educational program by visiting The Center for Movement Arts PERPETUUM blog or The Center for Movement Arts PERPETUUM Facebook page.

Awards and Our Performances Worldwide

Hurry Up! A restored performance on the occasion of the 15th anniversary,
UK VUK Belgrade, June 2014.
No Concept A joint project with the dance troupe Color of Dance,
UK VUK Belgrade, July 2013.
ZEN - Not a word or silence Terazije Theatre, Belgrade, May 2012.
I am his contemporary Dance Festival Collection in Parilla, Jordan, 2009.
Hurry Up! International festival of contemporary dance in Ramallah,
Palestine, May 2008.
Hurry Up! International Contemporary Dance Festival in Polverigi, Italy, June 2007.
Hurry up! International festival of dance creativity in Amman, Jordan, May 2007.
Hurry up! International festival of contemporary dance in Beirut, Lebanon, May 2007.
Joe Alegado Guest performance organized by PERPETUUMDANCE for American Embassy, Belgrade, Terazije Theatre, February 2007.

Awards and Our Performances Worldwide

First prize at the RODARI Festival, Mexico
Choreography for RECORD performance, Teatro Principal, November 2006.
Joe Alegado Workshop
Organized by PERPETUUMDANCE, UK VUK, Belgrade, February 2006.
Hurry up! SAVA CENTAR Great Hall, Belgrade, February 2006.
Prelude Festival at Kennedy Center Performance Hurry Up!,
Kennedy Center, Terrace Theater, Washington DC. September 13, 2005.
Infant Festival Performance Villis,
Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad, June 30, 2005.
Performance Master Class and Inverto Festival after festival,
National Theatre, Belgrade, June 27-28, 2005.
6th Madlenium annual concert Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, June 22, 2005.
MAMMA AND RTS Recording of the performance of MAMMA AND RTS,
Studio Fair, RTS, Belgrade, May 20-21, 2005.

Awards and Our Performances Worldwide

9th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures Performance Villis,
Gala evening at the 9th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures, National Theatre,
Belgrade and RTS, May 13, 2005.
Audience Award at the 9th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures
Performance Master Class, National Theatre, Belgrade, May 12, 2005.
Villis Performance Villis, Prime Minister, Belgrade Drama Theatre, February 27, 2005.
IV BODY SHOP Bitef Theatre, Belgrade January 23, 2005.
Hurry Up! Bridge Art Festival, Royal Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia plays , Oct. 23-26, 2004.
Mamma Ex II theatre festival, Pancevo Youth Center, September 2004.
5th Annual Concert Madlenium Bitef Theatre, June 2004.
3rd place in the 8th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures
Performance Willis, National Theatre, Belgrade, May 2004.
BODY SHOP III Belgrade Drama Theatre, Jan. 27, 2004.

Awards and Our Performances Worldwide

2nd place Catch a rhythm Ballet competition studies of Serbia and
Montenegro, Youth Ex-theatre Festival, Pancevo, December 2003.
Hurry up! Youth Festival, Pancevo, September 2003.
Hurry up! Infant-festival, SNP Novi Sad, 2003.
2nd place in the 7th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures
National Theater, Belgrade, May 2003.
Summer tour in Serbia and Vojvodina July 2002.
Fusion Performance with ERG-status at Republic Square, Belef, Belgrade 2002.
Second place in the International competition in Budapest
Part of the show Hurry-up!, June 2002.
After-performance miniature Rain and Rez, Bitef Theatre, Belgrade, 2001.
Prize in a competition of ballet schools in the category
of contemporary dance
Belgrade, 2000.
International Festival of Choreographic Miniatures
Belgrade National Theatre, 2000.

A festival of local, contemporary dance creativity

B  O  D  Y   S  H  O  P

BODY SHOP – a festival of local, contemporary dance creativity is a dance manifestation created by the Center for Movement Arts PERPETUUM in 2002. The program is conceived as a platform of the local dance scene, gathering once a year and uniting all the local creators and aficionados of contemporary dance in the aim of updating the dance theater in Serbia and its inclusion in contemporary trends of European and world theater with the endeavor to seek an authentic expression in the form of dance. This manifestation should have the dimension of a festival and is aimed at Serbian artists from this area, whether affirmed or not, their promotion, cooperation, ideas exchange, and a vehicle for representing their most inventive work to the public. This annual gathering would be unique in our country, and perhaps in the region as well, enabling a comprehensive insight into the general creative potential, and thus would also be a guideline to our artists regarding the further engaging of the dance theater in the aim of progress and educating the young who are interested in this type of creativity, as well as in the aim of the recognition of this performance art and artists on the part of competent cultural institutions. Various forms of presentations, via seminars, workshops, lectures, video projections, guest performances by foreign artists, pedagogues, choreographers and lecturers are the contents which the authors of this manifestation offer as a program which should primarily serve in linking the artists from this area, on the local as well as international levels.

Belgrade Dance Center

In 2007, the Center for Movement Arts PERPETUUM, in cooperation with UK VUK and the journal for artistic dance ORCHESTRA and its editor Ivana Milovanović, initiated the forming of the Belgrade Dance Center, an organization uniting all artists who are involved with contemporary dance.

The BELGRADE DANCE CENTER is a project which was initiated by the following:

INTRA CDC and The ORCHESTRA journal representative: Ivana Milovanovic
PERPETUUMDANCE representatives: Svetlana Djurovic and Ranko Lasica
ERG-status representative:Boris Caksiran
UK VUK representative: Sanja Djurdjevic

The Exoteric Cycle

"What then is the meaning of human life in this Cosmos as we know it?

Man's existence has two main purposes:
— as an element of the universal organism, it serves the aims of the latter
— as an isolated individual, he can pursue his own aims."

Boris Mouravieff


Svetlana Djurovic

Choreographer and Art director

"I have completed several different schools, and have been taught many things, for what I thought would've been of no use whatsoever in my life, except for my personal happiness and satisfaction.

However, it turned out that all of these 'useless' deeds are, actually, my vocation. It is beautiful and hard at the same time to be cluttered with such bulk cargo. But it is the indescribable happiness when you are able to correspond at various levels, and to communicate in so many languages.

Thank you Lord for everything I have and everything I do not have!